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Why We Choose Marble Laminated Tiles?

- Jan 10, 2019 -

Marble is the natural stone which is expensive and easy broken during the shipping process. Most of the project manager in Middle East or Europe, North American prefer using the natural marble stone in 20mm, 30mm thick. But considering the budget limited, they will choose the other material to replace the natural marble, marble laminated tiles would be the first choose.

1. Save the material

The thickness of the marble laminated tiles only 3-5 mm marble backing with porcelain tile (9-13mm thick) , and it could save the marble material, save the money.

laminated tiles01

2. Lightweight marble laminated panels

Because reduce the marble material, the weight of the laminated panels is also reducing. Only 2/3 of the natural marble stone compare with the same size.

laminated tiles03

3. Save the shipping cost

In the 20GP container, it could loading more laminated tiles than the solid marble.

laminated tiles06

4. Avoid the pollutions

After laminated the material (porcelain tile, aluminum honeycomb, granite, glass and artificial stone), the pollutions likewater pollution, paving the laminated tiles we will recommend the clients doing the crystal treatment which can provide the best protection to the marble tiles.

laminated tiles01_副本

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