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Why Marble Materials For Construction Will Increase By 30% To 50% In 2017

- Sep 04, 2017 -

There is a prediction of stone market in 2017---Marble materials for construction will Increase by 30% to 50%. And it is evidence-based!

First, with the issue of Restriction Order on Shipment, the freight of construction materials brings the result that the price of raw materials rises by 15%, including marble.

Second, there is a large and sharp devaluation of the chinese currency against the dollar which reaches to 10%. Moreover, marble block is mostly based on import. So the 10% devaluation should be included in the cost.

Third, rising price leads to incremental expenses in every aspects such as salary, rental and investment of environmental protection. Taking the rising price into consideration,the cost of production should increase by 10% with estimation.

Besides, the great mass of marble block imports from iran, turky ,Pakistan and mexico where the nation is in turbulent political scene and terrorist attack. Therefor, the cost of quarry winning increases by 10%, leading the similar trend of quarry import cost.

In all, stone materials must increase by 30%-50% in 2017. There is less choices that you can make but you will gain more than you pay.

Please don't suspect that whether the stone is worth the price we set. The toughness of stone industry is much more than your imagination.

So if you want it, don't hesitate to take it home!


Moreroom Stone purchase marble materials from all over the world, especilly from some famous quarry like Spain,Greece, Turkey and Italy, ensuring the quality of our products. Our marble products consists of various color series, including white marble, beige marble, grey marble and black marble. You will absolutely find your favorite here!


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