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Wholesale Amethyst Slabs Back With Glass

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Wholesale amethyst slabs back with glass

Hardness(Mohs): 7

Origin: India, Brazil, South Africa

Suitability: Wall Mountings and Counters

Common Size: 2440x1220mm

Size Available: any size up to 30cm x 30cm

Thickness : 5mm to 30mm

Manufacturing detail: Semi precious stone 2-3mm slices joined and mounted on marble/granite/wood/aluminum/glass/acrylic etc.

Transparency: Yes

amethyst slab.jpg

We could do amethyst slabs in solid surface with the golden powers or back with glass to enhance the 

transparency. When the light go through the slab, it will more changeable and natural. 

Amethyst slab (3).jpg

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