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What Is The Feature Of Marble Porcelain Tile?

- Oct 21, 2017 -

Marble tiles with natural stone realistic texture, so that marble tiles has become the mainstream choice of popular home improvement. 

 moreroom marble tile.jpg


Marble tiles of the characteristics of the line is that its natural and unique, to the variable changes, in order to avoid duplication of texture to bring space hard feeling, tile on the stone pattern should try not to repeat.  

 marble porcelain moreroom.jpg


Realistic effect

In terms of the nature of the tile, marble tiles is a kind of natural stone tiles, Realistic effect is the first choice of marble tiles, emphasizing its realistic effect: stone reduction degree should be  95%


Foshan 24x36 Wear Resistant Polished Porcelain And Ceramic Floor Tiles Bright Beige Color .JPG

High degree of clarity

Inkjet printing technology is the main process of making marble tiles, high-precision inkjet printing technology can be a perfect natural natural stone color reduction, real and three-dimensional.

marble tile porcelain.JPG

Vitrification degree

Low moisture absorption of the tiles is not easy to absorb dirt, better quality, good marble tiles should be very low water absorption, high glass, brick solid, not easy to seepage: water absorption should be 0.5%

 water absorbtion.jpg



As a tiles, in the daily use of the family cannot always avoid a variety of friction or impact, hardness is one of the important elements of marble tiles, in order to avoid tiles easily damaged, durable marble tiles should have a higher hardness: The hardness of 6.





The density of the material is closely related to the weight of the tile. In the case of equal size, the greater the weight of the tile means the thicker the quality of the tile, the higher the material and the higher the density.

display marble tile.JPG

golden marble .jpg

beige marble tile.jpg

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