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Waterjet Marble Medallion

- Jun 25, 2018 -

Name: Customized Water-jet Marble Medallion Flooring

Shape: Square / Round / Rectangle / Oval/hexagon/Irregular

Thickness: Full Body Marble - 15mm, 16mm, 18mm; Laminated Marble: 5mm Natural Marble with Different Material Beck.

Water jet Marble Flooring design; Rectangle Medallions.jpg


One Way - Choose the Design you want in our marble medallion catalogue - Size, Thickness, Quantities, marbles in designs and other requirements - - Get Price

Two - Offer the Patterns You Want and it will be better to offer its drawing - choose marbles in design Offer Quantities and other requirements -  Get Price

marble flooring medallion.jpg

MOREROOM STONE Advantages: +500 Items of Natural Marble for Your Choices, High-end Design Team Offer Unique Design

Application: Residential and Commercial

water jet marble medallion.jpg

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