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Trip To Feruni Ceramiche -- MOREROOM STONE’S Further Walk On Road Of Marble Porcelain

- Sep 04, 2017 -

There is a saying---If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of Giants.


Moreroom Stone is always willing to be the better one, learning from others and sharing what we have to others.


This time, we visit Feruni Ceramiche's Store in Malaysia to experience the world-class ceramic and thus improve our porcelain product system.



Modern Building


Humans are created by nature andenvironment. This is truth.

Without a comfortable working environment, it'd difficult for the employers to work ambiously and for the customers to have a happy experience.




Homelike Interior Design


Special collocation of color and shape, simple but elegant spacial design, delicate ornaments.... These are what we called " Art comes from real life".


Moreroom Design enjoys a great reputation at home and abroad. We respect life, take inspiration from life and create a more beautiful life. Most of our porcelain tiles and marble products are the best proofs.




Company Value & Culture


Why a company can be valuable and develop constantly?! 

Because it has core company value and special culture, gathering employers and customers' heart, giving them senses of security and warmth, satisfying their needs in mind.


Moreroom Mission


Moreroom has been through a long way, and of course we will walk father with our mission---persistence, professional and partners.

A company will always be known by their superior products while superior products will be made by a company with correct value & special culture.




Happy & Healthy Family


Sense of security and belongs are the biggest value of a company. We share happiness and are considerate to each other, experiencing much in each other's life. And that's why we can be so tacit in work and build up a sweet atmosphere to service our clients, even a piece of porcelain or marble is gifted the warmth. Both Feruni and Moreroom Stone do this well.




Product Display in Feruni Store




Simple but Elegant Product Gallery


Feruni's ceramic products are famous and popular as it follows its original concept and style---simple but elegant. Persistence and hardworking are the keys to capture customer's heart.



Moreroom Marble Medallion, Porcelain Gallery


Moreroom's porcelain and marble products are in different style--- European Luxury and cozy style, leading the trend of international development,  according with the European luxury decorative style and meeting domestic and overseas aesthetic needs.




Moreroom Calacatta Porcelain Tile


Taken from natural Calacatta marble, following its texture and hue, combining with the modern design concept, satisfying Europe and America Market's needs, Moreroom Calacatta Porcelain Tile is bound to capture your heart. Available patterns and sizes are more than your expectation.  


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