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The Thickness Of The Surface Glazed Material?

- Aug 14, 2018 -

Our clients from India who searching for the porcelain tile, and after visit our showroom, he wondering the 

thickness of the surface treatment for the glazed material. His say he prefer full body glazed tile because after a 

long time, the surface will be less glossy and people walking through the surface will have scratch, scrape. 

However, not all our items are doing full body and the Minimum quantity is 3000 square meters. And about the 

glazed material on the surface is 0.1mm thick in Moreroom stone, compare with other company might only 

have 0.05-0.08mm thick. We have the new technology from Italy, the most grateful researching and 

development department which renew the product every 3 months. We cooperate with some Italy designer and 

discuss, change our ideas every year.   


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