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The Paving Scheme Of Wooden Brick Tile

- Oct 19, 2017 -

irregular paving of  glazed wooden tiles.jpg

Wood Grain Brick Tile is A Collection of Natural Wood Floor Tile and Tile, Which Has The Warmth and comfort of Natural Wood and Is Easier to Clean Than Natural 

One, In Home Decoration, Wood Look Porcelain Tile is to Natural Wood Floor. So Paving Effect and Paving Ways Become Essential, as Follows to Share Wood Tile Paving Methods:


2:8 Paving Way of Wooden Tile


This is a common way of brick tile paving, 2:8 Proportion paving way is also a more traditional way of paving, because two and eight in the traditional culture symbolizes auspicious, that an excellent sign, at the same time , 2:8 proportion type is also good-looking in the visual performance effect.

glazed wood grain tiles.jpg

3:7 Proportion Stagging Paving


Stagging Paving of wooden brick tile (2).jpg

3:7, that is, the ratio of three to seven, this ratio is also the most close to “Golden Ratio”, from the aesthetic point of view to explain the proportion of gold is a very coordinated proportion.  Using 3:7 ratio paving , not only can fully highlight The advantages of wood tiles, but also greatly enhance its aesthetic effect in the overall application of space

Progressive Dislocation Paving


The use of progressive paving on the wood tiles can create a sense of space dislocation, and can break the limitations of space, progressive paving on the tile, the brick and brick, brick and surface, surface and space, also Can form a strong visual contrast, which is to produce a kind of endless imagination of space.

irregular paving of wood tiles.jpg

Irregular Dislocation Paving

Generally the irregular paving of wood tiles is applicable to two or more specifications by the use of grain bricks,the irregular paving display is a messy beauty, do not take the unusual way, The Designers is More to Use the Irregular Displays, because to take into account the overall spatial effect, so the design elements for the editing requirements of the implant is extremely high.

inkjet glazed wooden grain porcelain tile.jpg

Right Angle Paving

Right angle is the most visual impact of the angle, wood tiles with ninety degrees angle paving the way, in the overall space, the paving effect seems to be able to avoid the grain of its own long strip of product attributes, superimposing long Strip into a square space, also give people more space for good reverie.

right angle paving way of wood look tile (4).jpg

Single-shaped, Doubl-shaped, Triangular Chevron Way of Wooden Tiles Paving

Wooden tiles chevron way, can be single-shaped, double-shaped, triangular. three kinds of word paving way has its own advantages, the construction of single-shaped paving is simple, and not easy to do mistakes, double-shaped paving effect is very Coordination and very beautiful, three-shaped visual sense of jumping strong, three different ways add new elements into the overall space.

Foshan Inkjet Glazed Wooden Grain Porcelain Tile  (1).jpg

MORE Choices of Wooden Grain Tile

150x600mm Size 

more choices of 200x1000mm Wood Brick Tile.png

150x800mm Size

more choices of 200x1000mm Wood Brick Tile.png

150x900 Size

more choices of 200x1000mm Wood Brick Tile.png

200x1000mm Size

more choices of 200x1000mm Wood Brick Tile.png

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