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Stone Bar - Create Your Own Leisure Space

- Nov 30, 2018 -

The bar top originated from the bar. With the changes of the times, the bar top has gradually been introduced into the family life, adding a bit of playfulness to the leisure temperament of the home.  Because of its function of partitioning, the practical and generous structure makes the space more layered. So, how many ways does the bar design work?

1, wall-mounted - Placed on the wall, the wine cabinet can be placed over the bar or suspended from the wall. It has a small footprint and is suitable for smaller rooms.

marble bar top design

2, corner type - use the corner of the room to arrange, you can sit around the table, easy to talk.

gemstone petrified wood bar top design

3, partition type - The use of bar cabinets and bar counters to separate spaces is suitable for indoors with large areas and requiring multiple functional areas.

4, embedded - In the irregular indoor space, you can make full use of the corner space, such as the recessed part to place the bar, which not only increases the practical area, but also makes the whole indoor space look neat.

translucent stone gemstone petrified wood bar top design

5. Table type - The bar is combined with the table, and the table part of the bar is displayed or pulled out for dining when necessary.

Adding a small bar at home is no longer a novelty. Those who have a persistent pursuit of life tastes will always enrich their lives with a variety of novel ideas, adding a small bar for themselves, whether it is a big house or a small single room, after wandering between the flowing water and the unrestrained What you enjoy is the truth and transparency of life.

gemstone blue granite petrified wood bar top design

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