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4 benefits of Large-format flooring tile

- Sep 29, 2017 -

4 benefits of Thin Large-format tile

BR89-H51JA508 .jpg

      Name: Royal Gold

      Size: 900x1800x5.5mm

      Technology: Matt Glazed


      Home decoration: Living room / 

      Bedroom / Kitchen /

      Bathroom / Kitchen wall / Floor /


BR89-H52JA503 .jpg

      Name: American Gray Sandstone 

      Size: 900x1800x5.5mm

      Technology: Candy Matt Glazed


      Home decoration: Living room / Bedroom / Kitchen /

      Bathroom / Kitchen wall / Floor / Villa

1. Extremely Durable and Lightweight



Comparing with the common porcelain standard size, thin tiles are more extra-large and the thickness would be 5.5mm which can reduce the weight of the tiles. 

2. Interior commercial and residential settings  

grey slim tile.png


Highly resistance to bacteria, low water absorption, anti-slip and resistantmoisture so that can be use in interior floor and wall decoration. Meanwhile most of the hotel and villa would be use as wall tile. 

3. Eco-Friendly

thin tile.png

For the environment, slim porcelain tile require less energy during the profess of manufacture. Using less materials to reduce the carbon and solid emissions. Most of the material could be recyclable which means can  lowers the impact on the environment.

4. Big size format 

 slim big tile.JPG

The size of slim porcelain could be 900x1800mm, 1000x3000mm etc.It will be the perfect choice for large areas, like living room, hotel lobby and office area. Thin tile with increased flexibility, and breaking strength to avoid broke in case.

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