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Semi Precious Stone Products -- Natural Agate, Natural Quartz Series and Luxury Stone

- Oct 05, 2017 -

Natural Agate

Semi Precious Stone Agate Tile.png

Light Grey Agate/Brazil Agate Stone/Backlit Black Agate/Red Agate

Silk Yellow Agate/Mixed Agate/Green Agate/Blue Agate Backlit

Case: Hotel /Villa/Leisure Club/Lobby

 Backlit Blue Agate for Bar Design

agate stone coffee table.jpg

Light Grey Agate for Wall and Floor Design

Interior Design White Agate.jpg

Blue Agate for Home Decoration

Translucent Decorative Blue Agate.jpg 20160303 (31).jpg

Natural Quartz Series

Backlit Natural White Crystal for Bar and Wall Design

Backlit Bar Design Natural Quartz White Crystal Stone.JPG

Semi Precious Stone  Natural Quartz Crystal for Vanity and Wall.jpg

Pink Crystal Quartz Vanity and Wall Design for Bathroom

Rose Pink Crystal for bathroom wall and floor design.JPG

Translucent Smoke Quartz Coutertop and Wall Design

Natural Grey Smoke Quartz Table Top and Wall Design.jpg

Luxury Stone

Backlit Red Emerald for Bar Table

Backlit Red Emerald for Bar Table.jpg

Semi-precious stone Petrified Wood for Countertop and Wall Design

Semi-precious stone Petrified Wood for Countertop and Wall Design.png

Backlit design Sodalite Blue Jasper Semi Precious Stone for Wall

Backlit design Sodalite Blue Jasper Semi Precious Stone for Wall.JPG

Polished Petrified Wood for Floor

Polished Petrified Wood for Floor.jpg

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