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Semi Precious Stone - Backlit Lapis Lazuli For Background Wall Design

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Lapis Lazuli , which is rare Gemstone stone Product and also kind of home decoration choices like Wall and countertop. From Natural Material of Lapis in Mine to Finished Lapis slab Needs Labors to cut and Collect them together.


gemstone blue # backlit lapis lazuli # semi precious stone blue.jpg

For Wall, People Prefer to Use Marble or Semi Precious stone with design, like bookmatch marble, waterjet marble design, backlit onyx and agate with light, so some clients may ask us one question -  Lapis Lazuli Slab could be transparent with light backed?


gemstone blue # backlit lapis lazuli # translucent gemstone semiprecious stone.jpg

Yes Of Course, To Meet Clients’ Demand, MOREROOM STONE Add Glass Under The Thin Lapis Slab, which could make its diaphanous effect better. As Following:

gemstone blue slab # backlit lapis lazuli # lapis lazuli slab.jpg

gemstone blue # backlit lapis lazuli # backlit blue luxury stone # lapis wall.jpg


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