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New Series Of Tile Under Research And Design

- Dec 13, 2018 -

MOREROOM STONE New Tiles Series in Process

You could see the glory and brightness of our success, but you couldn't imagine how much hardness and pressure we've taken.

It's Moreroom's Tile R&D Stadio. We are proud of you, Moreroom R & D Team!

MOREROOM STONE R&D Deparment (4)

MOREROOM STONE R&D Deparment (2)

MOREROOM STONE Has Professional R&D Department, which get high recognition from clients and industry.

Top Award MOREROOM STONE R&D Deparment - 副本

MOREROOM STONE Tile Series As Following:

  1. Marble Look Porcelain Tile

Floor Porcelain Tile Packing Details

   2. Onyx Look Look Tile

Blue Onyx Marble Look Porcelain Tile

Foshan Honey Onyx Tile

3. Concrete Porcelain Tile (Wooden Effect Tile, Cement Porcelain Tile, Fabric Look Porcelain Tile, Sandstone Porcelain Tile, Slate Stone Porcelain Tile, Metallic Porcelain Tile)

Non Slip Tile

4. Large Format Porcelain Tile 

Big Size Tile (4)

Jessie Ho

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