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New Pattern Grade A Calacatta White Marble Slab

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Italian Grade A Polished Calacatta White Marble Slab (5).jpg

Natural Italian White Marble - New Pattern Grade A Calacatta Marble Slab Show


bookmatch calacatta white marble floor and wall # calacatta gold kitchen  countertop # calacatta bathroom design.jpg

Application: Commercial and Residential


Suggestion: Compared wiith Other White Marble, CalacattA Marble is Expensive, Why Try Composite Marble ( Also Called Laminated Marble), More Pattens of Calacatta Marble Slab as Following :

Italian Grade A Polished Calacatta White Marble Slab (6).jpg

Italian Grade A Polished Calacatta White Marble Slab (1).jpg

Italian Grade A Polished Calacatta White Marble Slab (2).jpg

MOREROOM STONE, Located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province China, Factory is Located in Yunfu, Covering 20 000 Sqaure Meters with + 500 Employees, With High-end Design Team and Product R&D Department to OfferinG Integrate Service to Our Clients.

laminated marble.jpg

Why Choose Composite Marble( Naural Marble with Porcelain or Honeycomb Aluminum Based)?


Composite Marble.jpg

natural marble texture.jpgBecause of Natural Texture and Unique Decoration in Interior Design, Compared with Artifcial stone, Most of People Prefer to Natural One. From Mine to Finished Product, Transportation, and Intallation and After, The Natural Marble Also Has Some Commom Defects We Are Worried


Before Introduce the Compoiste Marble, Let We See the Defects of natural marble especially in flooring application - Easy to Breaken, Easy to be polluted and To Heavy to need more labor.


Why it is easy to be breaken, Because Natural Marble Has Lower Hardness than Artficial Stone, and The More Texture in Marble Slab or Tile, The Easier To Be Breaken.


marble become polluted.jpg

Be Easy to Be Polluted, Why ? For Flooring Application Epecially Most People Prefer to Natural Marble in Kitchen and Bathroom. You May Say We Have Do Treatment on Marble Surface, But How About reverse size of Marble? Do you Have do some treatment, with long time in Moist Enviroment, Marble is easy to get yellow, which means it is polluted.


MOREROOM STONE Composite Marble Tile (2).jpg

Third, To Heavy which need more money on transportation, Installation.


Lightweight Marble Honeycomb Panels.jpg

Marble stone honeycomb Panel for wall.jpg

So Compared with Full Body Marble, The Composite Marble’s Advantages , 1. with porcelain or aluminum honeycomb backed, the hardness of marble is closed to porcelain and aluminum honeycomb, which could help clients save money. 2. with the base protection, it could reduct the risk of pollution from base. 3.Compared full body marble, the weight of laminated marble is 1/2 even 1/3 , which coud not only save the labor and also reduct the installation time.Calacatta with # calacatta marble # calacatta gold # calacatta marble slab # calacatta marble tile # calacatta amarble laminate # calacatta marble bathroom # calacatta marble countertops

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marble honeycomb for wall.jpg

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