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Natural Marble For Interior Design

- Oct 06, 2017 -

MORE Interior Design Inspirations from Natural Marble !

Marble + Texture

Break The Solid Color Space

The Stiching of Black and White Color Increases Color Impact

The Double Texture Design on Floor and Wall

Injecting MORE Changes on Space Design 

Marble Design (3).jpgMarble Design (5).jpg
Marble Design (2).jpgMarble Design (4).jpg

Marble + Metallic Elements

Marble + Metallic Element


Metallic Element Adds Luxury Into Marble Design


Derived From The Sense of “ Point of Stone Into Gold

Marble Design (6).jpgMarble Design (7).jpg
Marble Design (8).jpgMarble Design (9).jpg

Marble + Modeling Brick Tile

Marble Matches 3D Modeling Brick

The Erose Design Adds Touching and Visual Feelings

And Also Making Marble Texture Dynamic 

Marble Design (10).jpgMarble Design (11).jpg
Marble Design (12).jpgMarble Design (13).jpg

Marble + Wood Texture

Best Matching : Natural Marble + Wood

Whether Log Home Design

Or Wooden Brick Tile

The Texture of Wood Mixed Natural Marble’s Vein

Increasing The Warm Design in Home

Marble Design (14).jpgMarble Design (15).jpg
Marble Design (16).jpgMarble Design (17).jpg

MORE Details, Contact Jessie

Jessie Ho


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