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MOREROOM STONE Acrylic Solid Surface

- Oct 14, 2017 -

MOREROOM STONE Acrylic Solid Surface

Artificial stone corian countertop design (1).jpg

MOREROOM STONE Acrylic Solid Surface.jpg

Solid surfaces is used in the following environment:

  • Kitchen/Bathroom: kitchen worktops with integrated sink, vanity countertop, bath tub etc.

  • Hospitality/Cateringbars, tables,reception desk etc.

  • Shop Fittingdisplays, counters, wall cladding etc.

  • Airports:check-in counters

  • Public buildingsdisplays in museums.facades, meeting tables etc.

  • Hospitalslaboratory countertops,decontaination sinks, endoscopy etc.

MORE Choices Acrylic Solid Surface.jpg

MOREROOM STONE corian sheet packing details (1).JPG   MOREROOM STONE corian sheet packing details (3).JPG   MOREROOM STONE corian sheet packing details (2).JPG

Application Projects Show

irregular Acrylic Solid Surface.jpg

Irregular Acrylic Countertop Design, Worktop & Stair

Acrylic Solid Surface Floor Tile.jpg

Acrylic Solid Surface for Floor Design


Corian Sheet ; Acrylic Solid Surface ; Corian Countertop & Kitchen Top & Work Top & Table Top Design; 12mm Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet

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