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Interior Design MagnoliaMarbleLook BeigeCeramicFloorTile For LivingRoom

- Aug 04, 2017 -

800x800mm Beige Porcelain Tile Look Like Magnolia Beige Marble.  There is 500 Items in “ MOREROOM STONE LIBARY “ For Your Choice, We Have High-end Design Team with Years of Experience in Star Hotels and Villas Projects to Meet Your Design’ Requirement.

Size: The size of the product to one, can save construction time, and neat and beautiful.

Water absorption Rate: the lower the water absorption rate, the better the degree of glass, the better the physical and chemical properties of products, the more difficult because of the climatic changes in the expansion and contraction of the cracks or spalling.

Flatness: Good flatness of the tile, the surface is not curved, not angle, easy construction, after the construction ground flat. Strength: High flexural strength, good abrasion resistance and stress resistance, not easy to wear, the new, suitable for public use.

Color difference: Put the tile flat on the floor, spell a square meters, from three meters to see whether there are different shades of color or unable to connect, resulting in aesthetic obstacles.

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