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How Did Laminated Marble Save 30% Money Than Solid Marble?

- Aug 28, 2018 -

Have you get more knowledge information about laminated marble tile? Whats that means you could save 30% money in laminated marble? If you want to figure out the answers, please follow us to do the calculation!

saving money01.jpg

1. Laminated marble means marble top backed with different material, like porcelain tile, aluminum honeycomb, fiberglass, glass, artificial stone, granite etc. People can choose the backing material base on your project requirements.

base material 2 (2).jpg

2. Comparing with the solid marble, laminated marble is light weight, same size: 600x600mm, thickness 18, laminated marble is about 35kg/sm2, the solid marble is 55kg/sm2. If loading in 20GP container, limited weight 28 tons, solid marble could loading about 500 square meters, solid marble could loading about 800 square meters. That means you saving the shipping cost by deliver the goods. And also the light weight, the builder is easy holding and install as the porcelain tile as well. It could use less labor for working to reduce the salary. It means save money! Our clients told us laminated marble takes 1 day install 30 rooms floor and wall tile in 2 labors, but in solid marble it will takes 1 day only 2-3 rooms install in 4 labors. That is one of the reasons they choose laminated marble, it could finish the project on time and send less money.

木箱包装 (3).jpg

3. About the breakage of solid marble up to 10%, marble is easy to break, damaged. Special for some white marble like Cararra, Calacatta in low density, in transportation, the wood frame might not well protect the solid marble. So we suggest laminated with different material to avoid the loss of money and time, the breakage is less than 3%.

4. Chromatic aberration problem: in the laminated marble market; the marble will cutting more pieces into one size, so in the one quarry, you might get more same color patterns, because the thickness of marble are control into 3 or 5 mm.

calacatta laminated tile.jpg

5. Antifouling treatment: most of the people doing marble business will meet this situation, the solid marble easy to stain, so how to protect the surface of marble is always a huge questions. Laminated marble could solve it, we doing waterproof treatment, the after installation will need to polished and doing crystal treatment on the surface. It can well protecting the marble way from stain. 

marble ceramic panel.jpg

6. Laminated marble could doing different shape- regular and irregular, countertop, flooring tile, wall tile, stair steps, skirting, polished wall panel, marble waterjet medallion, ceiling, etc.

marble honeycomb tile (7).jpg

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