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High Quality 32x32 Polished Beige Color RomanTravertine Look Porcelain Flooring Tiles

- Aug 04, 2017 -

800x800 mm Travertine Marble Looke Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile, In MOREROOM STONE Showroom, There Are three Kind of Travertine Porcelain Tile( Roman Travetine, Egypt Travertine and Off- White Porcelain Tiles), There Are More Than 200 Items of Porcelain Marble Tiles for Your Choices. 

Before paving, should be dealt with to stick to the object or ground formation, the dry paving of the basic layer to achieve a certain degree of hardness to pave the tile, paving the seams when the 2-3mm between the adjustment;

Before paving, ceramic tiles often need to soak in the water for 20-30 minutes, filtered to the water before they can be paved, or the moisture evaporation after the tile is easy to tilt. And before use should check the outer packaging marked color, size is the model of their own order, the uniform color of the brick is colored poor, disconnection and other defects. Only the uniform color number can be used to make the colors homogeneous.

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