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First Choices - Artistic Marble Inlay Design From MOREROOM STONE

- Dec 16, 2017 -

Hot Sale Marble flooring and Wall Design - Offer Customized Design Product ( or you could choose one pattern in our marble inlay catalogue with other color of marble to match your villa or project design style.)

waterjet marble # marble floor design # marble inlay # interior marble design # marble floor and wall tile.jpg

Before big order, you could choose several pattern of our water jet marble products in one or two pallats to test your market.

Waterjet marble flooring.jpg


MOREROOM STONE # Marble Design # Waterjet marble flooring # marble wall design # interior  marble design.jpg

Otherwise, What Can we Offer to Our Clients?

MOREROOM STONE Has High-end Design Team with product application catalogue to show the product to clients, help clients to sale is called win-win.

hot sale waterjet marble floor and wall design.jpg

Product Application Show in Our Catalogue to Help clients directly.

Moreroom stone # design team # marble  (1).JPG

Hot Sale Marble Design # Marble flooring and Wall Design # Composite Marble design.jpg

Per Three Months New Patterns will Be Updated According to Main Market Trends and Show New and Hot Product in Exhibitions.

Coverings 2015 Orlando

Coverings 2015 # MOREROOM STONE Exhibition # marble design.jpg

Coverings 2016 Chicago

Coverings 2016 # MOREROOM STONE Exhibitions # marble design (1).jpg

Covering 2017 Orlando

Coverings 2017 # MOREROOM STONE Exhibitions # marble wall and floorings design (1).JPG

Coverings 2018, Atlant - MOREROOM STONE Will Waiting for Your Coming !

In MOREROOM STONE SHOWROOM - Marble and Water jet Products for You Choices ! Touching and Seeing It Directly !

MOREROOM STONE SHOWROOM # marble design # Marble Flooring # Waterjet Marble Design (2).jpg

MOREROOM STONE SHOWROOM # marble design # Marble Flooring # Waterjet Marble Design (1).jpg

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