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Calacatta Large Format Marble Porcelain Slabs

- Oct 17, 2018 -

MOREROOM STONE Calacatta  White Marble Look Porcelain Slabs 

Marble Porcelain Slab, With Amazing Size and Slim Thickness, Becomes Popular in Recent Years.  Especially for Calacatta Effect Porcelain Tile with Big Size. There are 6 Different Codes of Calacatta Porcelain Tile That We Could Offer, and Each Code 2 - 6 Patterns for Clients Choices.

Large Format Marble Effect Porcelain Tile 3200x1600 from MOREROOM STONE

High Technology Marble Scanning Machine - Selecting Grade A Marble Pattern from MOREROOM STONE Marble Factory, and Scanning it by Imported Marble Scanner from Italy, Clear Patterns and Texture will be Shown. Matt and Soft Finished Surface of Calacatta Porcelain Slab Makes is Close to Natural Stone Pattern.

MOREROOM STONE Calacatta  White Porcelain Slabs

MOREROOM STONE Large Format Porcelain Slab Application : Interior Floor, Indoor and Ourdoor Wall, Countertops Choices.

Big Size Marble Calacatta White Look Slim Porcelain Tile from MOREROOM STONE

MOREROOM STONE Large Format Porcelain Slab Series:

Size : 3200x1600mm, 2400x1200mm  

Thickness: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm  


Slim Marble Porcelain Slab Extends Interior Room in Application Effect and It is better choices to show the pattern of marble.

Packing Detail MOREROOM STONE Big Size White Marble Slab

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