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Backlit Azul Bahia Stair Design

- Jan 25, 2018 -

We also know for natural marble most of them are semi transparent even non-transparent with thicker thickness. 

Some Clients may think why not make the body thinner to make it be pervious to light? There is one problem we need to pay more attention - natural marble with lower hardness to be easy to be broken, so how to slove the problem and also meet clients’d demand?

Azul Bahia Granite slab.jpg

For Some Semi Precious Stone Like Agate Slab, Onyx also Some Luxury Stone Like Azul Bahia Granite Slab, Clients Could Also Choose Laminated Azul Bahia Blue Granite Tile with Glass Base for Better Transparent. For Example - Azul Bahia Blue Granite. Azul Bahia belongs to luxury granite with high decorative Interior Effect.

Transparent Azul Bahia Blue Granite Slab.jpg

MOREROOM STONE Has Specialized in Marble Market for More Than 18 Years, Mainly Lamianated marble ( natural marble on surface with other material base like porcelain, aluminum honeycomb, glass and Ect.)

Azul Bahia Granite with glass.jpg

 Azul Bahia blue granite, Azul Bahia granito, Azul Bahia granite kitchen.

Backlit Blue Azul Bahia marble for stair.jpg

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