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800x1800 Glazed Thin Large Ceramic & Flooring Slab Tile

- Aug 04, 2017 -

Large Size Porcelain Tile Which Look Like Natural Marble, MOREROOM STONE Offer More Items of Porcelain Marble Tile and Sizes for Your Reference. 

Color sense: The main tiles are colorless poor, color is rich, good tile colorless, rich variety, such as gold rudder ceramic Paraiba using two-wire cloth crystallization technology, color fresh and smooth, colorless poor, and rich color. The consumer can put tiles flat on the ground, spell 1 square meters, distance three meters to watch, whether there are different shades of color or unable to connect the feeling, there is no aesthetic obstacles, such as no, it indicates a colorless difference. Colorless and poor tile shop at home, give people the enjoyment of the United States, while the color difference of the tile makes people irritable, the eyes uncomfortable.

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