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2017 Fashionable Interior White Marble Calacatta Gold Kitchen Countertops Cost

- Aug 08, 2017 -

Marble General physical properties are relatively soft, which is relative to granite. In the interior decoration, the TV table, windowsill, indoor floor and other suitable for the use of marble. Marble is the name of the commodity, not the definition of petrology. Marble is a natural building decoration stone of a large category, generally refers to has the adornment function, may process into the construction stone or the handicraft's metamorphic or not metamorphic carbonate rock class. It is the name of the stone which is produced by the Dali Point Cangshan in Yunnan province of China with gorgeous color and pattern. Marble, limestone, dolomite, and skarn and marble, which are formed by different alteration of carbonate rocks.     

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