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Natural Stone Laminate Marble Countertops for Kitchen Decoration Stylish Design

Moreroom Stone can provide laminated marble table top for almost every surface in your home. The prime spots are countertops, bathrooms, flooring and walls; fireplace, dining table and sinks. Product Description Stone Laminate Marble Counte r tops Kitchen Details about Laminate Marble Table Top...

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Product Details

Moreroom Stone can provide laminated marble table top for almost every surface in your home. The prime spots are countertops, bathrooms, flooring and walls; fireplace, dining table and sinks.

Product Description

Stone Laminate Marble Countertops Kitchen

Product Name

Natural Golden Sofitel Marble Top

Material in our countertops

Marble + aviation glue + hoenycomb panel

Degree of Glossiness

85 degrees


1200*600/800*800mm/ customized

Marble Thickness



Packing mainly for export standard delivery


White color with grey & dark veins

Surface Treatment

Polished surface


Countertop, Walls & flooring, ceilings, stairs

Details about Laminate Marble Table Top  

marble stone countertops for kitchen design.jpg

Calacatta Extra Marble Top Design.jpg

Moreroom Stone’s laminate marble table top, composited with stone honeycomb panels, you can get the same incredible natural stone look and feel, but with much greater strength and durability, taking away both the problems of heaviness and being easily damaged.

calacatta marble countertop design.jpg

The whole stone industry has been going through a massive wave of technology, and it’s transforming the product. There are now more ways than ever to finish stone, including different brushing and polishing techniques.

calacutta white.jpg

The most popular choices remain polished, which looks glossy, or honed, which appears matte.

Grade A calacatta Marble Slab.jpg

For homeowners concerned about acid etching, an interior designer recommends a honed finish. “On a polished finish, etching is going to turn it dull and be more visible,” he says. “With honed, you’re dulling an already dull finish, so it disguises it.”

More marble from different countries for your choices



About  Natural Marble Laminate Table Top


Why the composite marble is more expensive than natural marble?
Firstly, the existence of composite marble is not for reducing the cost, but more easy to use marble. It is a technology that aims to improve the using effect of marble and greatly reduces the using cost in construction. Although the dosage of marble in composite marble is less than natural marble. But the composite marble has advantages in hardness, surface glossiness, product flatness and construction loss. More than 15 working processes should be done for a perfect composite marble, it increases the cost of processing, but the processing cost is relatively fixed, the lower price of the marble, the less competitive of its composite marble price, the higher price of the marble, the more competitive of its composite marble price.

How to Care for Natural Stone Table Tops

Marble and sandstone are more porous than granite and can absorb liquids if allowed to rest on the surface long enough. There are two forms of marking that are possible: -   
1. Pigment staining (e.g. a damp teabag left on a white marble table might leave brown stains).
2. Acid etching - this happens when the acid in consumable liquids dulls the polished surface of the stone (e.g. white wine, champagne, citrus juices, vinegar etc.)
In order to help prevent both types of marking we recommend waxing the surface of the table with clear wax in a tin (not a spray wax).
Cleaning should be done with a cloth and warm soapy water. Stubborn marks and mild stains can be removed using white spirit. This may remove the wax as well, so re-wax after using white spirit.
Polished materials also absorb less water than honed or cleft surfaces.

Packaging & Shipping
Moreroom Stone does care about what our customers worry about, for example, the transportation’s safety!
To protect our goods during the delivery, we will do all the possible measurements to avoid the damage that will happen in this process.


Company Information


MOREROOM Stone redefines the “Luxury Experience” by its philosophy of luxury design through accurate brand position and advance product development system.
MOREROOM Fashion –New luxury and comfortable principle!
All of our products are designed by a professional team, they design and match the patterns based on the color, density and stability of the marble. The finished products you see now is the result of many times testing and validation.

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