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Why Do Wax Removal After Paving Porcelain Tile?

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Cite: For Polished Finished Surface Tile Like Polish Tile, Polished Glazed Tile, Microlite and Ect, Many People Used to Thinking It is Finished After Paving Porcelain Tile, However It is Wrong, Why?

White Onyx Look Tile Porcelain.JPG

The One Important Step, After Paving, Needs to Be Done is Wax Removal on The Surface of Porcelain Tile

Why The Finished Tile on Floor or Wall Need to Wax?

Tiles in the factory will be pre-waxed beforehand, waxing treatment is mainly to prevent the tile the accidental breakage in the Paving and Construction Process in the future paving, and the thick wax layer on the surface of porcelain tile is also the main reason leading to Lower gloss of the tile.


So Removing the Wax on Glazed Porcelain Tile Could Teturn The Glossness of Tile, And Also Improve Tile’s Anti-Pollution(Because the even wiping of Wax Coud Be A good Filling to The fine pores on the tile surface.

The Advantages of Wax Removal:


Reture The High Glossness of Tile, Improve The Anti-Pollution Function And Wear Resistance


The Main Way to Do WaX Removal:


Wipe on the Surface by Threesoe Powder, Washing Powder , Flour and other Meal to Lean.


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