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What is Satin Tile or Soft Finished Tile

- Dec 22, 2017 -

1. What is Satin Tile? 

Satin tile or soft finished porcelain tile, that is between Polished Finished Tile and Matt Porcelain Tile.

satin finished grey marble effect porcelain tile.jpg

As living standards have risen , people’s requirement to material life has also become higher , which also prompts a lot of ceramic companies to update new series and designs to the market, Satin Tile ( some clients also call it soft finished Tile) is also one of new concept and items in recent two years.

volakas white marble flooring porcelain tile.jpg

2. The Character of The Satin Tile or Called Soft finished Tile ?

Controlling The refractive index of ceramic tile surface is the main step in the production of soft tile.

foshan  semi polished marble effect porcelain tile.jpg

There is two common practices to achieve the soft light surface on glazed tile. One is through polished machine with a litter lower mush to achieve. The second is through ultra-clean material to achieve (which is mainly anti-pollution material on porcelain surface)

sofitel gold marble effect flooring tile porcelain.jpg

3.How to identify through polished machine, or ultra-clean to achieve soft light effect?

It can be identified by touching the surface of the tile; the satin tile by soft polish displays a better surface texture, and the touching feeling is delicate,  the soft finished porcelain tile by ultra-clean can’t offer the fine touch feeling, but the anti-pollution advantage is better.

soft finished marble porcelain tile.jpg

semi polished marble effect porcelain tile.jpg

4.The advantages of soft tile?

Soft Tile Has Lower Glossiness than polished tile but have stronger application effect. After Paving, the whole application effect is more closer to natural stone’s.


And because lower glossiness on the surface of glazed tile, the refractive index is also lower, which could be better to eliminate the occurrence of light pollution.

moreroom stone R&D Department.jpg

award of satin tile.jpg

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