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Unique Marble Stone

- Dec 27, 2017 -

Unique Marble Stone

There are not two identical leaves in the world.By the same reason, There are not two identical marble stones in the world.


Marble Stones are not an industrial product, textures and colors are natural formation. In fact ,natural stones aren't perfect. There are some "defects" as below:

A. Color Difference: Even the same slab, there are differences in color.

B. Crack: There are some small cracks in the stone.


C.Scarring, trachoma, hole: Natural stones have different sizes of granular objects or holes.

D. Spots and stripes: There are some stripes, ribbons or spots of material on the stone which inconsistent with the background color 、pattern of the slab.


Marble Stones formed in the natural environment , through at least hundreds of millions of years of complex physical and chemical changes, coupled with the evolution of geological movement. Many internal and external factors, will result in ever-changing stone. This change is an objective reality. No matter how it is processed in the later stage, there is no way to change it.

However, if we look at these "defects" from another perspective, we will find that  decorated by marble stones are unique. 



white carrara marble slabs.jpg

White carrara marble

Calacatta White.jpg

Calacatta White Marble

Nero Margiua_副本.jpg

Nero Margiua Mable

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