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Tile Collection in Different Area

- Oct 23, 2018 -

Tiles with six principles

Dark and light colors: black and white, dark green and light gray.

Similar color combinations: such as yellow and green, red and orange, orange and yellow.

Similar colors: such as light yellow and dark yellow, black and gray.

Cold and warm colors: The relationship between cold and warm colors is based on contrast and is produced by people's natural life experience.

Promise color matching: black, white, gold, silver, gray is called endless color, they can be matched with any color.

Contrast color matching: red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange, black and white.

Tile matching with several common spaces in the home

Living Room

The living room is the main place to receive visitors in the family. The spacious and bright indoor environment will make the guests feel comfortable. The use of light bricks will make the environment brighter. Therefore, the color of the living room tiles is preferably light, such as white and light. Beige, solid or slightly patterned floor tiles, of course, it is especially important to choose the tiles suitable for different places in combination with the decoration style.


earl beige marble for floor


The kitchen is a cooking place, the temperature is relatively high when cooking, so the color of the kitchen tile is best to choose the cool color in the light color, such as white, light green, light gray, etc., so that the steaming space is slightly cool in visual effect. .

brown glazed rustic tile (1)


The most important consideration for bathroom tiles is anti-slip. The color of the floor tiles needs to match the color of the three large parts of the bathroom, so as to show a good overall effect. Generally speaking, the color selection of the three major pieces of sanitary ware is the same. If the color of the three big parts of the sanitary ware is dark, the color of the ceramic tile can be selected with light color and the same color; if the color of the three major pieces of sanitary ware is light and cold Tonal color, then the color of the tile is best to match the color of dark or light warm colors. In short, the color of the bathroom tiles must be compatible with the color of the three major pieces of sanitary ware, otherwise it will destroy the overall effect

bathroom nonslip porcelain flooring (1)

Concrete Porcelain Tiles

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