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The Reasons Why Large Format Porcelain Slab is Popular

- Oct 25, 2018 -

Why are big-size tiles suddenly popping up?

Reason 1: Because the surface pattern of the tile is basically derived from the texture of stone, wood grain, cement, etc. in the natural world, the larger the tile size, the more realistic and vivid the texture is; the large-sized tile is coherent and malleable, whether it is public Space or home space makes the space uniform and looks more beautiful. At the same time, because of the large size, there are few seams, which is very helpful for anti-fouling cleaning.

Therefore, consumers, distributors and designers are more interested in large-size products.

Large Format Marble Effect Porcelain Tile 3200x1600 from MOREROOM STONE

Reason 2: Many factors, but green environmental protection, cost advantage, thin and light characteristics are the main factors, but there is a more important point, reflecting the technical strength of the enterprise.

The high standards and high requirements of the production equipment and technical processes, as well as the difficulty of subsequent transportation and paving, undoubtedly reflect the comprehensive strength of a company.

MOREROOM STONE Calacatta  White Porcelain Slabs

Reason 3: Market demand is also the main factor that has spawned the “big board” with light and thin characteristics. At present, there are more and more high-rise buildings of more than 100 meters in China. These buildings have high requirements on load and fire prevention. Traditional decorative panels can be used. It is large and light, but the fire resistance is not up to standard, and although the stone can be fireproof, the thickness will increase correspondingly after the specification is enlarged, and it will not meet the standard in reducing the load of the building. Therefore, the advantages of the large board in these two aspects are Prominent, formed a differentiated competitiveness.

calacatta white marble slim porcelain wall and floor tiles (2)

The "big board" is currently mainly used in public clothing. In addition to the large tooling market, there are more and more applications for small public buildings such as office buildings, shopping malls, and clubs, as well as villas and large-sized units. The large and thin nature of the "big board" is clearly different from the construction process of traditional tiles.

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