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The processing principle of waterjet marble parquet

- Oct 26, 2018 -

The processing principle of stone waterjet parquet is: 

using computer-aided drawing software (CAD) and computer numerical control programming software (CNC) to convert people's designed patterns into NC programs through CAD, and then transfer NC programs to CNC water cutting machine, after According to the design requirements, the selected natural stone is cut into independent graphic components by CNC water cutting machine. Then, each stone pattern component is manually spliced, repaired and bonded into a whole, and finally polished and polished, thus completing the processing of the entire waterjet parquet.

waterjet marble medallion

Stone waterjet parquet is a technology with high difficulty in stone processing technology. It requires fine and accurate, mainly relying on machinery and equipment, as well as design ability and technical personnel's ability to understand drawings.

MOREROOM STONE Water jet Marble Medallion Inlay (8)

For relatively simple patterns of waterjet marble, which can be processed and produced by hand. Complex patterns are generally machined by waterjet machine, but not all complex patterns can or can only be machined by waterjet, Such as stone mosaic inlaid on a flat plate or arc plate, whose bottom plate is not penetrable.

hot sale custom pattern water jet marble medallion design (1)

Stone parquet can not be processed with water jet machine, the bottom plate can be processed by computer processing center, but it must be also assisted by the water jet machine to process the inlaid stone parts.

Sometime also choose a sandblasting machine to process the bottom plate with. 

Of course, the inlaid parts are not necessary to use stone, but can be gems, glass, shells, metals, and so on.

hot sale custom pattern water jet marble medallion design (2)

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