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Semi Precious Stone - Amethyst Quartz

- Dec 21, 2017 -

Semi Precious Stone - Amethyst Quart

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz .And it's also a semiprecious stone.

From different angles, you can see the blue or red, purple tone, usually made of hybrid or stepped facets. Amethyst usually have natural ice cracks or white clouds impurities.Amethyst with gemstone value is produced in the volcanic rocks, pegmatite, or limestone, shale geode. Amethyst widely distributed in nature, the main origin of Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Madagascar.

Amethyst&amethyst backlit.jpg


Amethyst used in decoration widely as below:

Amethyst Backlit Headboard


Amethyst Backlit Bar Top


Amethyst Backlit Bathtub

backlit Amethyst stone tub_副本.jpg

Amethyst Kitchen Countertop


Amethyst Basin

table top.jpg

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