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Quartz Stone

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Quartz Stone

Generally, Quartz Stone is One Kind of Artificial Stone,Which Is MORE Than 90% silica sand and Other Material Under High Temperature and  vacuo to Shape Slab.

There is Natural One, Which is Very Expensive and rare.

Quartz Stone Advantages:


Environmentally Friendly

Providing Strength, Hardness & Abrasive Resistance

Compared with Natural Stone, Much Lighter and Easier Installation

No Radiation

Easy to Clean

No Scratch

No Color Change

Rich Color and Full Range of All Style

large surface application 

MOREROOM STONE Quartz Stone Series

MOREROOM STONE Quartz Stone Product Introduction:

Type: Man-made Quartz Stone / Artificial Stone

Tile & Slab

Thickness: 12-30mm

Slab Size: 2440x760mm / 3000x1400mm / 3200x1600mm

Finished: Polished, Honey or Customized According Clients Requirement.

Color: White, Black, Grey,Brown, Beige, Gold, Red and Also Debugginh and Production According Your Requirement.

Application: Countertop, Bench Top, Work Top,Cabinet, Vanity, Flooring and Wall, wall cladding panel

Edges: Full Bullnose, Half Bullnose,Flat Eased(eased edge), Bevel Top, Radius Tops, Laminated, Ogee Edge, Beveled Processed,etc

Quartz Slab in Factory.jpg

Quartz Edges.jpg

Quartz Countertop.jpg

1 - Marble Look Quartz

Calacatta Marble Look Quartz Slab.jpg

2-Galaxy Solid Surface (LC) Series

Galaxy Solid Surface (LC) Series.jpg

Engineer Artificial Stone Quartz Countertop (1).jpg

3-Platinum Quartz Stone (SZ) Series

Platinum Quartz Stone (SZ) Series.jpg

Quartz Floor Tile

Quartz Floor Tile.jpg

4-Haigeer Quartz Stone (SS) Series

Haigeer Quartz Stone (SS) Series.jpg

5-Texturized Quartz Stone (CS) Series

Texturized Quartz Stone (CS) Series.jpg

Engineer Artificial Stone Quartz Countertop (3).jpg

6-Quartz Stone (SY) Series

Quartz Stone (SY) Series.jpg

Engineer Artificial Stone Quartz Countertop (2).jpg

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