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Petrified Wood

- Nov 26, 2017 -

Wood fossils are tree fossils that are exchanging woody parts with SiO2 (silicon dioxide) in groundwater after they have been quickly buried underground for millions of years or earlier (at least tens of thousands of years). It retains the wood's structure and texture. 

Color of yellow, yellow, brown, reddish brown, gray, gray and black, polished glass surface can be shiny, opaque or slightly transparent, because the texture of some woody fossil jade texture, also knowns as tree jade or silicate wood . 

Silicified wood Exist In hundreds of millions of years ago, trees were buried underground for various reasons. In the formation, the chemical substances around the trunk, such as silicon dioxide, iron sulfide, calcium carbonate, etc., entered the interior of the tree under groundwater and replaced the original Of the woody ingredients, retaining the shape of the trees, after fossil plant fossils formed, because it contains more silica components, it is often called silicified wood.

Product Recommendation

Product Name: xylopal / Woodstone/ Petrified Wood / Fossil Wood / Wooden Fossil

Backlit Bar Top

There is Opaque and Euphotic Items, Euphotic could be used for Backlit Bar Top or Background Wall Design. Compared with Opaque One, Euphotic Petrified Wood is Rare, From 100 even 200 Pieces of Opaque Fossil Wood we Only Find One Piece of Translucent One.



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