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Marmomacc 2018 MOREROOM STONE

- Sep 28, 2018 -

MARMOMACC, the international stone fair in Verona, Italy, is the premier event in the global stone industry

MOREROOM STONE Exhibition Show (4).jpg

The Italian stone exhibition MARMOMACC is the largest and most authoritative exhibition in the world stone industry. It has been successfully held for 52 sessions and is the world's leading exhibition for the stone industry. The exhibition results have been well received by people from all over the world. In recent years, the global economic situation is changing, but the Verona Stone Fair has achieved remarkable results and is a must-attend event for Chinese stone enterprises to explore the international market.

MOREROOM STONE Exhibition Show (11).jpg

Powerful: The organizer VERONAFIERE exhibition company in Italy is one of the leading organizers of Italian professional exhibitions. It is also one of the well-known organizers in Europe and a member of the Italian Trade Association ITA. Through more than 100 years of hard work and experience, it has now been established. With Europe as the center, the global exhibition strategy all over the world, and the United States Las Stone Exhibition and Brazil Victoria Stone Exhibition are strategic partners. The organizers' goal is to promote the development of various industries in Italy, as well as to promote supply and demand matching, and to build a valuable platform for buyers and suppliers around the world.

moreroom stone marmomacc 2018 (10).jpg

Attractive: The Verona International Stone Fair in Italy has become the best time for stone industry raw materials, processing equipment manufacturers and buyers to meet. The Italian Stone Fair focuses on the latest technology and design of the stone industry and is the best place for international professional buyers to meet and talk. In 2017, the exhibition attracted more than 1,600 exhibitors to participate in the exhibition. The professional audience on the spot continued. Participating in the exhibition enabled Chinese companies to establish contacts with stone companies from all over the world to explore business opportunities.

moreroom stone marmomacc 2018 (8).jpg

Advantage Pavilion: An exhibition organization and unit with effective layout design ensured that MARMOMACC is a professional exhibition that provides high-quality professional visitors and management decision-makers. The exhibition has a total of 12 pavilions and 6 outdoor exhibition areas. Through reasonable and professional distribution and regulation, it provides an efficient and rapid platform for exhibitors and visitors.

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