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Marble Paving Collection for Interior Flooring and Wall Design

- Oct 24, 2018 -

Single Marble Paving

A single kind of stone is laid on the indoor floor with emphasis on color and texture decoration. In public spaces, it is usually required to be soft, bright, magnificent and simple and natural. Especially in hotels and hotels, indoor materials are used to pursue Fu Li Tang, so generally use warm Tones of granite or marble, such as red Indian red, South African red, or yellow marble, such as beige or Anna beige. In the office building, it is simple and clear, and the private building interior needs a reasonable laying of a small area, so the stone application should be divided according to the size of the space, so that the whole plane is more personalized.

1 (2)

bookmatch staturio marble panel (2)

Several Marbles Inlay for Floor and Wall Design

A variety of stone mosaics are paved with different specifications and varieties of stone. They are used in certain places in the building to form special effects. They add a lively atmosphere to the interior, full of fun, and can achieve unexpected space conception. .

Water Jet Grey Marble Floor Design Pattern For Bathroom

The indoor ground stone parquet decoration design should consider the variety and specifications of the stone. Generally, considering the convenience of construction and the limitation of cost, the stone mosaic design can use the existing stone to form some simple and orderly simple patterns. Sometimes in order to set off the surrounding environment, highlighting the elegant artistic style and ethnic characteristics of the stone mosaic pattern, various curves and fold lines can be used to form more complicated graphics.

3d waterjet marble background wall design

Hot Sale Waterjet Marble Medallion for Floor and Wall (1)

Stones of different sizes, styles and colors can be paved in a certain combination, showing different effects on the ground, avoiding single color and uniform paving, and can be waveguided in key areas such as hospitality areas, TV background walls, etc. Lines dot the edges and even use decorative painting.

waterjet marble medallion flooring design (3)

In fact, many European-style homes prefer to use stone on the whole floor. From the entrance to the living room, from the restaurant to the bedroom, the use of tough tiles, combined with different lines and stone tiles, highlights the delicate and refined European style decoration. 

lobby waterjet marble flooring tile

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