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Marble For Interior Background Design

- Nov 02, 2018 -

How can the background wall be able to get the atmosphere? How can I figure out the style and taste of the owner? This is definitely not a stone wall can compare! The stone background wall is not only beautiful and atmospheric, but also has functions such as sound absorption and sound insulation. The background wall can be decorated in many places, such as sofa wall, TV background wall and so on.

waterjet marble medallion flooring design (4)

Compared with other decorative background walls, the stone can give people a sense of peace and security. It is decorated with natural stone background wall, which is the easiest to enhance and display the effect and taste. Each natural stone wall can't describe and explain it in words. Beautiful and unique! The stone is widely used and integrated into the home decoration. The background wall is the most important display in the whole new style. It takes a lot of thoughts to make a different background wall, and marble can give you a unique idea!

Water Jet Marble Floor Design Pattern For Bathroom (2)

The marble is naturally beautiful, and it is very easy to clean. The texture is ever-changing, but the old Li, who has a little jade craft, reminds you that in the choice, you must choose a simple and neat pattern, which will give people a more visual sense of comfort. Win with a distinctive pattern!

waterjet marble medallion flooring design (1)

Natural marble's texture pattern is rich in natural, colorful and soft, and is the primary material for luxury decoration.

The light-coloured marble TV background wall in the living room brings you a bright, elegant and elegant style. The central black LCD TV is placed, and a wonderful visual feast comes along.

More and more people like simple and natural home style. More and more designers choose some simple and natural materials, which can make the whole home feel relaxed, comfortable and comfortable. Natural stone The variety of natural textures and expressions is widely used in interior wall decoration.

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