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Lightweight Marble Panel

- Aug 08, 2018 -

Natural Stone is Popular Product for Interior Design for Floor, Wall, Countertops, Fireplace, Column, Arch,Staircase and So on, For Full Body Marble Product is Heavy to Transportate and Installate, Needs More Cost, and Has Higher Breakage Risk. So Many Times, Composite Marble Panel is Good Choices.

Composite Marble Panel - Marble with Aluminum Honeycomb for Indoor Wall Design

微信图片_201804232001062_副本 (2).jpg

Composite Marble is Natural Stone on Surface with Different Material ( Porcelain Tile, Aluminum Honeycomb, Artificial Stone) to Help Clients Reduce Their Cost and Save their Time and Energy.

Marble Staircase Design with Aluminum Honeycomb

Beauty White Marble Stairs Design (2).jpg

Generally For Irregular Shape Marble Panel, Marble With Aluminum Honeycomb is Good Choices, Which Could Reduce At Lease 1/3 Weight and will Be Much Stranger Than Full Body Marble.

Marble with Honeycomb Aluminum for Pillar Design

Lightweight Composite Marble Panel Grey Marble with Honeycomb Aluminum (3).jpg

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