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Lightweight Marble Honeycomb Panels

- Nov 25, 2017 -

1 - What is Marble with Honeycomb Aluminum Bakcing?

marble honeycomb panels.jpg

On Surface: Natural Marble - 3mm or 5mm Thickness

Aviation Glue for Reinforcing

Base: Lightweight and Ultra-Strong Aluminum Honeycom - 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and Which is Also Could According to Clients Requirement.

2 - Why Use Marble Aluminum Panel ? 

1. Much Lighter than Full Marble (=At Least 1/2 Full Marble in the same thickness )

Size: 6" x 6" Marble Sample (Full Body), Weight: 1.05kg

6x6 Full Body Marble tile.jpg

Size:  6" x 6" Marble Stone Honeycomb Aluminum,Weight is 0.45kg

6x6 marble honeycomb Backing.jpg

2. Installation Easily with Less Cost ( Translation, Labor and Installation Fee)

3. High Harness ( Natural Marble is easy to break in the process in transportation and installation,  However the breakage rate of laminated Aluminum Honeycomb is 1/3 of natural marble  )

4. Good Performances in Heat and Sound insulation.

5.. Breakthrough “ Forbidden Area” – the Ceiling 

3. Regular Size of Marble with Honeycob Backing

12"x24" / 24"x24" / 16"x 16"/ 16"x32" / 40"x40" / 24"x48"/120"x80"

Staturior White Marble Honeycomb Backing.jpg

calacatta marble with Aluminum Honeycomb Backing.jpg

Blue Marble Honeycomb Slab.jpg

4. Application - Wall & Countertop

Marble stone honeycomb Panel for wall.jpg

China marble laminate table.jpg

5. How About the Packing of Marble Honeycomb Slab?

Packing Detail of Marble Honeycomb Slab.jpg

From Our Clients Feedback, With The Pakcing Detail, The Breakage in Transportation is 0.

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