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Hot Slae Modern Interterior Laminate Marble Dining Table Top Natural Stone Decoration for Interior Home Design

- Aug 08, 2017 -

FFirst: Marble because of the smooth surface, it is generally not easy to timely wipe out the infiltration of water and infiltration of oil. Time had long been, only to repaint the varnish to remedy. Second: Marble table, more obvious grade, but less than solid wood flooring material is more conducive to health. What: Marble table is more suitable for large-style use, because marble handling is more cumbersome. Less suitable for moving marble the relative advantages are: 1. Not deformed; High hardness and strong abrasion resistance. 2. Not afraid of acid, lye erosion, will not rust, no need to paint oil, not easy to sticky micro-dust, maintenance, easy to maintain, long service life. 3. There will be no scratches, not under constant temperature conditions, at room temperature can also maintain its original physical properties. 4. Not affected by the damp, the plane is fixed.

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