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From CAD line drawings to factory processing

- Nov 27, 2018 -

First, after confirming that the color map is consistent with the customer, the design department will transfer the color map and the CAD line drawing to the computer drawing room for computer production.

waterjet marble medallion

1. Computer graphics include:

a, sub-layer (separate layers are separate materials of different colors)

b. Typesetting (the scattered parts are regularly arranged according to the size of the actual materials used)

c, processing, compiling, reviewing

d. Decomposition drawings, these six parts have many details. For example, the processing part has the compensation of the water jet, the parts are connected, the "DXF" file format is saved, and the computer graphics are completed and delivered to the factory for the waterjet cutting process.

custom water jet blue onyx marble inlay flooring (1)

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