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First Choices House Design Grey Marble Look Rectified Glazed Porcelain Floor Tiles 80x80

- Aug 04, 2017 -

 Compared with traditional tiles, antique bricks are undoubtedly a "dark horse" in the market, and become a kind of flooring products with different styles in tile market. Reporters in the Daming Palace, such as comprehensive home building materials market to understand, by the impact of retro-style decoration, since last year, metal glaze sheepskin brick is the most popular antique tiles products. This antique sheepskin brick has the noble leng of the metal glaze, also has the soft elegance of the sheepskin, spreads in the ground without the traditional ceramic tile cold feeling, the deep, the gloomy retro tone, has created the classical atmosphere which is not the same with the past. Many buyers and villas owners like to choose antique Tile Shop in the foyer, living room and other areas, showing the owner of the quality of life.    

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