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Composite Marble

- Nov 25, 2017 -

Composite Marble

Laminated Tile.jpg

1. Will composite marble be worn off after long time use? Generally, how long it can be used?

Composite marble won’t be worn off after long time use. The thickness of marble layer is greater than 3mm when it left the factory. Composite marble will do polishing after it has been paved, less than 0.5mm marble would be worn off in this process, the marble layer is about 3mm at this time. After polishing, we will do the crystal face care to form a crystal later to protect the marble surface by wearing out and leakage. After it loses its gloss, we can do the polishing to remove the protective layer and do the crystal face care again to form a new protective layer. So, it won’t be worn through after times of polishing. For insurance purpose, we recommend to use 5mm, it has a better effect and it is definitely enough, even if the paver did a bad job, it still can be restored by polishing.

 2. Why the composite marble needs to do crystal surface care? 

First Polished Treatment.jpg

The surface of composite marble is natural marble, therefore its maintenance process is the same as natural marble, so it needs to do crystal surface care. Crystal surface care aims to form a protective film on the surface of marble to avoid polluting and scratching on the surface of the marble. Also it can improve the marble’s glossiness. It can keep its bright constantly as long as to do unscheduled maintenance for the crystal surface.

3.How about the hardness of composite marble?

Composite marble is usually composited by 3mm or 5mm natural marble and 9mm porcelain. The hardness of composite marble is mainly decided by the porcelain. After they have been composited, it’s bending strength is much stronger than natural marble, almost the same hardness as the ceramic in the same thickness. That’s why more and more clients choose composite marble.

Why Choose Composite Marble

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MOREROOM STONE Composite Marble Tile (2).jpg

MOREROOM STONE Composite Marble Tile (3).jpg

MOREROOM STONE Composite Marble Tile (4).jpg

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