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Barbecue Marble Panel

- Aug 13, 2018 -

Natural Stone Has Unique Decoration Application in Home Design. Natural Stone for Floor, Wall and Countertops Design Has Natural Veins and Offers Comfortable Feeling. 

For Indoor and Outdoor Counters Like Kitchen Countertop, Bathroom Vanity, Table Top and Barbecue Countertops, Many People Also Want to Choose Natural Stone, and Also Worry about the risk of Breakage from Long Distance Transportation and Whether It is Too Heavy and Needs much cost with Huge Room in 20' Container.

Lightweight Marble Kitchen Countertops.jpg

How to Deal with or Reduce the risk of These Problems Like the breakage and the weight? Marble with Aluminum Honeycomb is Good Choices. Taking up the same place with 2/3 even 1/2 of Full Body Marble Countertops and Reduce the rate of breakage of damage From 30% to 0-5%. And for Outdoor Barbecue Marble Countertops, It is also easy to Move, Which is Also a Good Choice !! 

So Why Not to Choose Marble With Honeycomb Aluminum for Your Coutertops !!

Natural Stone Barbecue Countertops Design.jpg

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