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Balcony tiles so beautiful! Go and get your styles

- Nov 04, 2017 -

Balcony tiles so beautiful! Go and get your styles

Balcony, can be a practical space for clothes, can also be a relaxing place to drink tea, so the materials choice of decoration is very important. 

balcony floor tile.png


As an extension of the interior space, the balconies are often exposed to the outside world. The sun and rain are hard to avoid. They have better physical properties and longer service life than lacquers, parquet and tiles.

balcony floor tile  (4).jpg


Second, the balcony drying clothes often water droplets, design washing machines, washing pool balcony is easy to dip water, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion of the tiles is undoubtedly more practical.

balcony floor tile  (3).jpg 

In addition, more dusty outdoor, compared to other materials, tile cleaning and care more convenient.

balcony floor tile  (2).png

The balcony floor is easy to be wet, so the skid performance requirements is important. In addition to the professional non-slip brick, tile friction coefficient higher antique tiles, cement bricks, matte tiles as applicable.

garden balcony tile.jpg

Balcony generally good lighting, if the ceramic is glazed polished which mean easy to reflect light, causing visual discomfort, it is best to use soft surface products, such as the market popular soft tile, matte ceramic tile.

 balcony tile.jpg

In general, the long strip or lack of space balcony, in order to avoid cutting waste is best to use small size tiles or strip-shaped wood brick.


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